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What Size Infrared Panel Do You Need? 

We supply a wide range of panels specially designed to heat up an array of different sized rooms and other spaces. 
We can of course offer you detailed advice on this, and will look at your type of building, does it have insulation, what is the property built with (stone, bricks etc), how old the property is, current heating in place, is this a complete heating solution or a supplementary one and much more besides.  
Once we know the sizes of the area(s) you wish to heat, know your budget, your taste etc, then we can put together a detailed quotation for you depending on all of the above. 
Below is a very general guide to the area which can be heated by infrafred panels, see the chart below (these are for standard home panels, and not the indoor/outdoor heaters such as the Infrastrip or InfraCurve: 
Your Room Size 
The Panel Size 
Panel Wattage 
Up to 5m² 
Up to 8m² 
Up to 12m² 
Up to 16m² 

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