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Will Infared Heating Save Me Money? 
Absolutely! Infrared Direct Ltd supplies infrared heating panels that will save you up to 70% on all your current energy bills. On top of that, our manufacturer has recently had rigorous testing done in Germany on our panels, and they have been proven to be 18% even more efficient, than other leading panels on the market throughout Europe. 
Are Your Panels Difficult To Install? 
Absolutely not! If you can hang a picture, you can install and infrared heating panel. Some of our clients do prefer to have the panels hard-wired, so no cables are showing and are run of a programmable thermostat, so then their is the small cost of using a good registered electrician, but that is it! 
What About Maintenance Costs? 
There are none! Simple as that! Once up and running, you can literally forget about them. No plumbing, no extensive wires, not annual service, no moving parts, and with a lifespan of approximately 130 years, no further costs with regards to your heating, whatsoever! Now how can that not be tempting? 
Your Panels Seem Cheaper Than Others I Have Seen On The Web, Why Should I Pick Yours? 
Simple, we are not greedy! We work directly with the manufacturer, therefore cutting out the middle man. By doing this, we pass the savings onto our Customers. 
Do I Get A Warranty And If So What Is It? 
Yes we give every panel and Customer a 5 year no quibble guarantee, so you get complete peace of mind, on top of all your savings. 
Are Infrared Heating Panels Good For The Environment? 
Totally! No emmissions, no CO2 emmited, no light, no smell, and you cut down your carbon footprint, so as well as saving money, you are doing your bit for the environment. 
Can I Use Infrared Heating Panels Outside? 
Yes we do. We are our fantastic new product, The InfraCurve, or the Original Infrastrip, and they both work equally as well whether its inside or out. They can be used for heating conservatories, warehouses, factories, terraces, balconies, barbeque areas, summer gazebos, marquees, outdoor kitchens and much much more besides. 
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